Bot Bowl II

Submit your bot before August 1st 2020 to participate in Bot Bowl II. The results of will be announced at the Conference of Games (CoG) 2020 in Osaka, Japan with a $1000 prize pool. A submission link will appear on this page when we get closer to the deadline.


Bot Bowl II will have two prizes:

  1. The winner will receive $500 from IEEE
  2. The participant with the highest ranked machine learning bot* will receive $500 from

* To qualify as a machine learning bot, the core part of the decision-making must be learned. A machine learning bot can use search and even some scripted behaviors, as long as the main decision-making of the bot is learned. If you are unsure if your bot will qualify as a machine learning bot, you are welcome to ask questions on our discord server.

Participants CAN win both prizes, if they win the competition with a machine learning bot.


The format of Bot Bowl II will be similar to last year’s competition.

Only a prefixed Human team can be used. None of the pre and post-game procedures are used. Rosters are thus reset without injuries and improvement rolls.

Each bot will play 10 games against each other and in contrast to last year there will be no final. A bot that takes random actions will be added to the competition as a baseline.


Docker Containers

As a new initiative this year, bots will run in docker containers. Participants can submit their bot as a regular python package or optionally as a docker image.

To facilitate docker containers, we are working on a new competition module that use the HTTP protocol to communicate with agents. We aim to publish the module before June. It should, however, not influence your bot development as it will simply be a wrapper around the existing bot interface in FFAI.

Using docker has several advantages:

  1. It will be harder to cheat because the game and the agents run in separate processes.
  2. Participants can optionally setup their own docker images if they have particular requirements.
  3. Any programming language can potentially be used. This will require quite a lot of work, so we don’t expect to see bots developed in other languages than python.
  4. Files can be written and read withing the docker container if needed.

Computational Resources

The philosophy of Bot Bowl is to limit the computational resources at run-time to that of a regular laptop. We of course encourage participants to use as much computation as they can afford to train/evolve their bots before the competition. The exact instance specification will be specified at a later date but don’t expect any GPUs.

How to Submit

We will soon share templates for both a python submission and a docker submission. If your bot has requirements that are not installable through pip, you must make a docker submission.


If you have questions about the competition, please join our Discord server.