FFAI is a pip-installable python package. We recommend installing with Anaconda but it is not a requirement.

Python version

FFAI currently works with python 3.6 and 3.7. Verify your python version with

python --version

If you just installed Anaconda, create and activate a new environment.

conda create --name ffai python=3.7
conda activate ffai

Installation with pip

pip install git+

Or, use pip3 if your pip points to a python 2 installation.

Alternatively, if you want to run our examples or develop on FFAI, you can clone the repository and install it locally.

git clone
cd ffai
pip install -e .

To test the installation, run the following:

python -c "import ffai"

This should not produce an import error.

If you cloned the repository and installed locally, you can start the web server:

python examples/ 

and then go the to play a game.

If you ran into issues, please seek help at our Discord server.