Submit Your Bot to Bot Bowl II

Bots as Servers

We will host your bot somewhere in the cloud on its very own instance. This is done by applying a wrapper around your bot that is responsible for the communication with the competition server. You don’t need to making any changes to you bot since it won’t be aware of. However, you must use this submission template and modify the script so that it imports your bot. Simply replace the line import mybot with import <your-bot-script>.

In your bot script, make sure your bot is registered with a suitable name for your bot:

# Register the bot to the framework
ffai.register_bot('my-random-bot', MyRandomBot)

In Bot Bowl II, every bot plays ten games against each other bot. During each series of ten games, the two competing bots will be instantiated just once, then play the ten games of the series, and finally shut down. Before each new game in the series, the new_game() method is called and at the end of each game, end_game() is called. This allows you to easily adapt your strategy based on the game result without having to save and load files.

If you want to understand how the competition server works in more detail, take a look at the competition example.

Submit your bot using this Google Form.

If you want to re-submit, simply make a new submission using the same bot name.


Within one week after the submission deadline, we will test your bot against the baseline random and contact you to verify that the results are as expected. In case we did not setup your bot in the right way, please set aside some time to assist us.