Welcome to our tutorials on how to use botbowl. These resources are sufficient to get you started developing a Blood Bowl bot.

Getting Started

  1. Installation
  2. Running the Web Server

Scripted Bots

  1. Scripted Bots I: Getting Started
  2. Scripted Bots II: Pathfinding and Probabilities
  3. Scripted Bots III: Formations

Reinforcement Learning

  1. Reinforcement Learning I: OpenAI Gym Environment
  2. Reinforcement Learning II: A2C
  3. Reinforcement Learning III: The Full Board
  4. Reinforcement Learning IV: Self-play
  5. Reinforcement Learning V: Pathfinding-assistance

Search-based Bots

  1. Forward Model I: The Forward Model
  2. Forward Model II: Search-based Bots
  3. Forward Model III: Monte Carlo Tree Search


  1. Submit to Bot Bowl

If you find any problems or have questions as you go through the tutorials, please report an issue on https://github.com/njustesen/botbowl/. You are also welcome to join the discussions on our https://discord.gg/MTXMuae.